Test the Future of IoT Security

TEST FIVE: Final Test for Now.

Real Time Telemetry

Detailed telemetry for all IoT Devices

Connection Time (seen in the graph to the right) represents the time it takes for the device to contact the server and for the server to respond.  This is an accurate and valuable metric for evaluating network and device performance.

The graph clearly shows significant variability at times alone with changes over time.

All Beacon devices are registered and inventoried. Dynamic device information is captured such as:

  • Sensors (plus parameters)
  • Messages (plus definitions)
  • Errors (plus solutions)
  • Functions (plus parameters)

Static device information is captured such as device manufacture, model, versions, dates, and related support information. Static inventory information along with the device ID is used to track all device telemetry and support history.

Errors, messages, and sensor information are captured with continuity for use in the Health Ecosystem.

Sample of Server Connection Response Telemetry
for a Dell Wyse micro PC with static IP directly on the internet.

Information for helping you access devices

You can access the TPLink router and Micro PC that is on the internet using external IP addresses.

More advanced techniques will be required to access the cameras and Raspberry Pi.  You can test your skills with the help of specific device IP addresses and ports provided.

Device Name IP Address Port
TPLink Router  

AXIS M3066-V Network Camera 6061

AXIS M3057-PLVE Mk II Network Camera 6060
Dell Wyse Micro PC 80, 9000(lockout)
Server 1 8001
Server 2 9001
Other Hidden devices     


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