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Unblocking IP Address

Direct Server Interaction to Multiple Devices at Once

Step 4A: Unblock IP address

Unblocking IP Address Process:

  1. Click on <Unblock IP>: you can now connect to the IP address of this location again
  2. Follow the instructions below to connect to the Axis Camera video feed.

Step 4B: Test Unblocked IP address

  • wait a few minutes
  • click on the image
  • and the camera feed will appear in a new tab.

The IP address of this camera is placing both cameras behind a router on a private network. The Dell Wyse device creating the  block is on a completely different domain using IP address, Therefore the external device generated a blocking function for all the devices in the “Beacon Secure Protected Mesh”.

How is this accomplished?

No VPNs and no gateways are used.

This image outlines the configuration and communication pathway. This Beacon device is directly on the interent. The blocking is being blocked on the Dell Wyse micro computer directly.

Click the image above to view a larger version.

The list below lists all the devices that have attempted to access this Dell Wyse micro computer. This list grows continuously because of outside attempts to access the device.

Honey Pot Demonstration

A Honey Pot is a trap where you attract flies to a to be caught when they take the bait. In this case it is connecting to an IP address:

  1. In you click on IP address,, you will see a basic webpage.
  2. In you click on IP address,, your IP address will be blocked.
  3. You can UnBlock you IP address by clicking the “UnBlock” button above. IP Blocking is automatic. This is a powerful tool.
    (Test it for yourself. Unblocking may take a couple of minutes.)

Additional Information

  • Peers have a peer and function list.
  • Functions are triggered by events.
  • Events are defined by users.


  • Functions can be triggered directly by users by requesting a device to make a function call.
  • Servers can also make function requests – this may be a custom request
  • In this case, an unblock command is being triggered by a user, via servers to multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Different types of devices from different manufactures with very different operations work seamlessly in Smart Talk Beacon.
  • Beacon is easy to install on almost any device with functional integration the best.
  • Device integration is free.
  • Beacon device executables are free.

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