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Test the Future of IoT Security


Auto Blocking of IP Addresses

3A Blocking IP Address

Blocking the IP Address to Stop Potential Intruders.

Connecting to devices using a browser.

Returning a web page when clicked:

  1. Click on <Connect to OK Device>: you will successfully be connected to a webpage as a comparison.
  2. Click on <Block IP>: the browser will time out and return nothing

What’s happened when you clicked on <Block IP>:

  • An event trigger on the <Block IP> device sends a function call to a firewall to block your IP address
  • Your IP will remain blocked for (X) minutes

Click the image above to view a larger version.

Additional Information:

A user IP address is blocked when an outside trying to access a device within a protective mesh.

A firewall rule is used to block the IP address.   A blocking function can be triggered when a device has a firewall or as a peer-to-peer function triggered by an event on a device.

Retest IP Blocking 3B:

  • Test the block by trying to reconnect by clicking on <Block IP>
    • the browser will time out and return nothing
  • Proceed to Step 4A unblock your IP address

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