Test the Future of IoT Security


Peer to Peer interaction

Device A will (Turn on) Light connected to Device B

What is happening behind the scene?

Complex Function Triggering Between Networks

  • Device function triggering by an edge device to a network device such as a router has been demonstrated with IP Blocking.
  • This means routers and other network devices can be active members of a Beacon Protective Device Mesh.
  • In this example, a mini-computer with a routable internet IP (in the wild) will securely send a function call to a microcomputer behind a router to turn on a light.
  • This means devices are secure and accessible everywhere and always when part of a Beacon Protective Mesh.
  1. Click the TURN ON LIGHT button
  2. View the light turning on from the camera feed
Click the image above to view a larger version.

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