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General Infromation

Smart Talk Beacon Protective Mesh

Implement Secure Devices – Start Today


What does “No Trust Security” mean? 

“No Trust Security” assumes all communications between devices, servers and users are insecure and therefore cannot be trusted.  Trust is established ones a connection, server, device or message is validated to be accuate and correctly signed. The “No Trust” methodology is the basis of this arhitecture and protocol designed to secure, operate, manage and support IoT devices.

Irfan S. Al-Anbagi states, “Their architecture focuses on securing edge devices and making them smarter, helping devices protect themselves, identifying attacks, and making it easy to recover from these attacks. The no-trust security framework relies on collaboration between network devices to identify neighbours to allow them to talk and protect each other. This framework also enables seamless information gathering from the network, evaluating the health of the devices, and addressing quality of service (QoS) issues.”

What types of intrusions does Smart Talk Beacon manage?

  • Malicious attacks such as code injection, impersonation attacks and black hole attacks are stopped.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are minimized before being rejected. Unauthorized IP connections can generate firewall rules for blocking IP(s)
  • Server failures and replacements have minimal impact.
  • Malicious device and users are identified and rejected.



Who should use Beacon?

IoT Device Developers/Manufactures

Distributed Deployment Needs

High Security Deployments

Powerful, Easy to implement and more support options to save money

These are a few reasons to use the Beacon architecture and protocol:

  1. Built in high security solutions
  2. Scalability and flexibility of implementation
  3. Clients have flexible implementation options including:
    – Stand alone
    – Private Cloud
    – Public Cloud
    – Hybrid Cloud
  4. Any Beacon IoT services can be selected by you clients with small implementations
  5. Ease of development
    – Beacon is easily added onto any IoT device during or post development
    – You can choose deep integration into Linux for D-Bus operations or simple SNMP integration
  6. Powerful support options provide options for recurring revenue
  7. Clients are provided a suite of operation, management, monitoring and support services
  8. Programming API is available for custom development of user services and 3rd party application services
  9. AI API helps provides vertical market specialized services
  10. Device agents are free for integration
    Many more features and benefits


Deployment Options Create Opportunities for IoT Devices

Deployment Options include:

  • Private Cloud 
    – Beacon simplifies cloud implementations because security is independent of the implementation environment
    – Large implementations can distribute services regionally based on compute needs
    – Sub servers (part of a server cluster) can be assigned specific device tasks for location operations
  • Public Cloud
    – Used by IoT hosting services as a service offering to clients
    – Used by companies for distributed service 
  • Hybrid cloud
    – Designing a large Beacon implementation might include public and private plans for optimizing cost/performance.
  • Stand alone
    – A stand alone Beacon implementation is advantageous when edge devices states and state operations are important to operations.

NOTE: Beacon is manufacturer, network, service and device agnostic.  

Beacon is a High Security Implementation

A Beacon Secure Protective Mesh is impenetrable.

High security implementations must manage all aspects of operations such as:

  • Security needs to be comprehensive, bullet proof and restrictive
  • Monitoring of all users, behaviors, intrusions, operations and support is required
  • Behavior such as malicious activity, errors and failures must be reported along with severity
  • Reported action must trigger resolution processes
  • Accountability must exist related to any activity


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