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Professor Irfan S. Al-Anbagi, “Smart Talks Beacon security architecture can achieve the stated task” 

Irfan S. Al Anbagi

Irfan S. Al Anbagi

Associate Professor at University of Regina

Ph.D., P.Eng. SMIEEE Associate, Professor, Electronic Systems Engineering

Professor Irfan S. Al-Anbagi states:

“It is my assessment that Smart Talk Beacon’s no-trust security solutions are unique, as they assume all communications are insecure and therefore cannot be trusted. 

Their architecture focuses on securing edge devices and making them smarter, helping devices protect themselves, identifying attacks, and making it easy to recover from these attacks. 

The no-trust security framework relies on collaboration between network devices to identify neighbors to allow them to talk and protect each other. This framework also enables seamless information gathering from the network, evaluating the health of the devices, and addressing quality of service (QoS) issues. 

There are not many research articles that focus on no-trust security architectures in IoT systems. Therefore, it was a challenge to benchmark our results against existing architectures.

However, our simulation results agree with the theoretical aspects of the system and confirm that Smart Talks Beacon security architecture can achieve the stated tasks. Furthermore, our results show that QoS is maintained while protecting the network, and this is one of the most important aspects of network security.

We are currently analyzing the impact of scalability on the security and QoS performance of the system. The initial results show that Smart Talk Beacon’s no-trust security solutions scale well as the number of devices in the network increases.”

Securing the Future of IoT

No Trust Security

  • Security professionals talk about zero trust user security, Smart Talk Security believes “No Trust Security” is the future of IoT security because it was developed based on Security by Design.
  • No Trust means users, devices, and servers do not trust one another. No Trust security represents real-world relationships.
  • No Trust Security means limiting liabilities, reducing design and implementation costs, and protecting assets.  Realize the Future of IoT, today.

Please Note:

The table to the right contains real time information from the Smart Talk Beacon server cluster listing the devices, an unauthorized access attempts (UAA) list and the time of last attempt.

You will be interacting with a Secure Protected Device Mesh.  You do not have access to Beacon but you are seeing real time information from our security monitoring system.

But don’t trust what we say. Prove it for yourself!

Smart Talk Beacon has a small network set up with the following devices on them:

  • Axis M3066-V
  • Axis M3057-PLVE Mk II (Panarama)
  • Axis A8207-VE Mk II door station
  •  Axis C1004-E Speaker
  • Del Wyse
  • Raspberry Pi
  • TPLink Archer 8

The network is using Smart Talk Beacon and devices from our project partner,  AXIS Communications.

Thankyou Axis Communications

  • Your demonstration devices are secure.
  • Your devices are triggering functions on unrelated devices such as a router.
  • All aspects of your devices are now monitored: logs, errors, messages, functions, and sensors.

We are challenging you to Try Hacking into a device of your choosing!

No one has been successful to date.