Smart Talk Beacon Solutions Ltd. Overview

Smart Talk Beacon was started in 2017 as an entity for the development of software designed to support the support and maintenance of IP cameras.

Our solution has evolved over time to satisfy changing IoT needs such as easy to use security, device peer operations and relationship management. V4 of Beacon is our patent pending commercial IoT product release for IoT manufacturers, hosting/integrators and IoT users.

Our Vision

We build solutions to secure, operate, manage and support IoT devices. We have developed 4 principles that are important for systems development. They are security, privacy, control and accountability. These 4 principles protect individuals, businesses and information while facilitating sharing.



Professor Irfan S. Al-Anbagi states:

“It is my assessment that Smart Talk Beacon’s no-trust security solutions are unique, as they assume all communications are insecure and therefore cannot be trusted. 

Their architecture focuses on securing edge devices and making them smarter, helping devices protect themselves, identifying attacks, and making it easy to recover from these attacks. 

The no-trust security framework relies on collaboration between network devices to identify neighbors to allow them to talk and protect each other. This framework also enables seamless information gathering from the network, evaluating the health of the devices, and addressing quality of service (QoS) issues.”

Beacon is based on Domain Knowledge, Research and Practical Experience

Since 2017, we have developed and deployed Beacon for surveillance clients to monitor cameras, alert us to problems, gather information to quickly idenfy issues and implement support processes to ensure support is tracked and completed.

Our first operation versions were V2 and V3. V2 was our first prototype designed for use with Mobotix cameras because clients need to know that their cameras are working properly. It was used to monitor in house client camera operations, gather log errors and alert support staff based on error severity.

V3 was redesigned to enhance securiy and include Axis Communications cameras with enhance data collection to include more telemetry, better analyse data elements and significantly enhance support processes. In summary, V3 implemented better security, made it easier to use, enhance data collection and management and improve support proceess. This version was implemented in house with a different Axis Communicaiton cameras such as M3707, P3707, P1400 and P1700 series.

Experience is a great teacher, therefore we were not satisfied with V3’s security, analysis functionality, support services and basic flexibility.  This meant we had to commit to a ground up redesigned and rebuild to develop V4. We also new the new system need to be patent. V4 is a rethink of security, management. operations and support of IoT devices. V4 was built based on 5 patent pending components:

  1. No Trust Security – Bulletproof security using a Secure Protective Mesh
  2. Device Peer operations –  Monitoring, operation and telemetry collection for sensors, hardware operations and network performance
  3. Legal Entity Relationship Management  – Flexible relationship creation and management for legal entities, devices and users
  4. Health Ecosystem – Repositories, learning engines and analysis processed designed in intake, analyse and response to telemetry and operations.
  5. Support Ecosystem – Includes support processes for trouble ticket management, support processes and operation management to insure QoS is maintained.

Smart Talk Beacon V4 is built for large scale deployment for manufactures, hosting services and large corporations wanting to have control over their operations. V4 will be offered for sale to select clients.

You can test our security demonstration by going to Demonstration.