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Would you like a powerful IoT infrastructure solution?

Our vision is to help businesses implement a safe and secure corporate IoT infrastructure so that you can create relationships with partners and safely share devices and information with one another. Smart Talk Beacon (Beacon) wants to do this for your businesses, today.

Beacon’s security team works with your team to create an impenetrable IoT Functional network.  With “No Trust Security”TM (patent pending) devices and servers work together to protect one another against intrusions and bad behavior, just like your security team works to protect your business from the outside world. Bad behavior from outsiders is not tolerated resulting in the automatic ejection from the protected functional network.

Even more important, Beacon is the first to introduce Relationship Management so your businesses can share devices, services and information securely with other trusted organizations. If you want to move your business from inward focused operations to a new world business focus that includes partners and clients, Beacon is the answer.

Beacon offers true edge computing with distributed servers, no gateways and flexible implementation so you can have total control over your IoT operations.

With Beacon you move beyond the limitations of today’s security implementations because you want security that works. You can have IoT solutions so you can increase long term profitability.

Avoid the risks of intrusion, avoid the liabilities of device hacking, avoid the loss of your reputation, IMPLEMENT A BEACON DEVICE NETWORK TODAY!

Smart Talk Beacon Solutions lauches project to develop a Secure Relationship Protocol to replace TCP/IP.


IoT Manufacturers implement Smart Talk Beacon with :

  • Impenetrable Security
  • As part of their distribution and support model.
  • A fee for service where integrator/reseller and clients pay a small fee for integrated support services
  • As a 3rd party agent when requested by integrator or client


Large corporations with multiple sub corporations or business units can implement private, public cloud or hybrid to service devices by region, device types and 3rd parties. (see related documents for more details)


Can offer services to clients based on 

  • Device types
  • Specialized services
  • Regional services

“The security problem arises because TCP/IP uses the address of a connected device to serve the dual purpose of identifying that device as well.”  5/17/2017,  Jeff Hussey Commentary

Jeff Hussey correctly highlights the issue of discovery and related security issues. 

Trust/No-Trust Security

Beacon secures your device, secures communications, makes your device smarter, adds inter devices operations, gathers and analyze information through the health ecosystem and ensures everything is working with the support ecosystem.

Implementation Models

Server implementations can be:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Public/Private
  • Stand-Alone – No Cloud

What devices are compatible with Beacon?

  • Almost any device with a micro processor
  • Wireless devices
  • Wired devices

Save Money/Make Money!

Developers save time because all their security functions are in one simple package along with support and maintenance functions.

The Health Ecosystem reduces the cost of operations and management with intelligent processes and system functions.

Support Ecosystem options facilitate a wide range of support options both internal and external with in-house technical and field support processes.





Companies need a corporate quality infrastructure and not just ideas.

IT infrastructures have evolved over the 60 years as closed infrastructure. Until core network components change, the infrastructure will adapt slowly and losses will mount.

IoT on the other hand will evolve quickly. The question is will the a corporate IoT infrastructure be available to:

  1. Secure IoT infrastructure
  2. Deliver a safe and secure interface to the IT infrastructure.
  3. Allow the business to :
    1. Envision new business models
    2. Implement these models
    3. Create a new and powerful set of business solutions that work.

“Trust/No Trust” Bulletproof security

Securing devices anywhere and all the time makes it possible to implement universal and standardize operations.

Edge device management

Smart edge devices manage themselves and provide quality and reliable information for operation, management and support of devices.

Inter Device Communication and Operation

Devices operate as part of a protected mesh network. Smart devices interact with each other to share information and functions. The ability to securely communicate and operate as a unified mesh of interconnected devices each with defined functions opens a whole new range of implementation opportunities.

Health Ecosystem

Independent smart devices have the ability to operate or act based on ecosystem telemetry. Considerable telemetry may be generated and used for the determination of operational health.

Health is defined as the ability to perform a task with a high degree of accuracy within established performance parameters.

Support Ecosystem

The Support Ecosystem allows a device owner to directly interact with their devices in a manner appropriate for their support processes. With Smart Talk Beacon, support can be delivered directly by staff or indirectly by third parties such as integration professionals.  Complex manufacturer support implementations such as a support-as-a-service is possible with Beacon.

Support is a set of processes used for issue resolution. The Support Ecosystem takes input from the health ecosystem to initiate support processes. Automated processes include defined functions for configuration, parameter, state changes or output changes.

Trouble tickets created by the Health Ecosystem are the bridge between the digital world with multiple devices with errors and the physical world where people get involved to physically repair a devices to deliver a quality service.

Digital system operations extend into the physical world when digital information is provided directly to support personnel.  Highly accurate device-specific information (telemetry) passes through the Health Ecosystem where learning engines and AI applications process the data.  The goal is to generate reliable information, identify relevant errors,  improve support processes and ensure quality of service.

Quality of Service requires quality information (accuracy and relevance), reliable processes, process tracking and effective reporting.  Beacon is built upon a quality of service model to ensure your operations are profitable.


Specialized Smart Talk BeaconServices

All Smart Talk Beacon implementations have built-in specialized services including:

Server Load Balancing

Built-in multi-service operations with load balancing. This implementation supports an end to end connection authentication.

Server Redundancy

All servers are live all the time with redundancy. Server migration allows a cluster server to be replaced when necessary with limited operational effects.

Device Life Cycle Management

Devices’ life cycles include implementation, operations, maintenance and replacement.  Once a device reaches the end of life, a one-click replacement process allows you to decommission the existing devices and replace them with fully configured new devices.

This includes peer relations and communication certifications.

Failed Connection Detection

Any connection whether server or device is detected, monitored and reported.

Security Breach Detection

Any breach includes unauthorized attempts by device or server.  Data changes and manipulations are also monitored. In the event of a breach, automated processes occur to eject the device or server.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is integrated into the health and support ecosystem.

User Behavior Monitoring

Unusual user behaviour such as changing access rights is detected and reported. Ejection is possible.

Migration Services

Servers can be replaced by migrating services from one computer to another.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery processes are built into server and device policies for automated recovery.


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