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What is Smart Talk Beacon?

Smart Talk Beacon is an “End to end support management system for IoT!”

What does this mean?

Smart Talk Beacon constantly monitors your cameras or devices, sends notifications if there is an issue, provides solutions to the problem and tracks the support ticket to insure the problem is resolved in-house or in the field.  All this while you are unaware there was an issue.

Complete support auditing.

You can review what devices or cameras are sending errors and which required support at any time for any location.

About Smart Talk Beacon

Using Technology & the Cloud to provide better security

Manufactures of IoT devices, pay attention! 

Smart Talk Beacon is cloud based software with a device driven agent that communicates mission critical information that impacts your clients and your business.

Smart Talk Beacon delivers the functionality needed to manage your IoT device now.  You will:

  • Receive errors as they occur on your device in real time.
  • Error correction is automated using AI functions to reboot, self diagnose and install new firmware.
  • Errors become notifications that become actionable work tickets.
  • This device driven process resolves errors quickly to save time, money and headaches.
  • Finally, a complete history of device performance is available to solve problems and provide quality service.

What is the difference between Smart Talk Beacon, traditional SNMP solutions and other support products?

Today’s devices:

  1. Have more information to share. This requires a more robust information gathering strategy.
  2. Are more diverse in design and functionality.  This means the information management process needs to adapt to changing needs.
  3. Have larger deployments in more diverse network typologies with greater security issues.  You need robust security and device registration and management processes.
  4. Require 2-way communications.  Devices need to be securely accessed in complex environments to resolve issues preferably with automation.
  5. Have complex diagnostic requirements.  This means more information from multiple sources gathered and managed in a way that makes sense and is easy for support staff to resolve issues.
  6. Need a better support solution for end to end management.  The support solution needs to gather information, managed information, generate notifications, work tickets and provide a resolution process with full documentation.
  7. Sometimes need to run in a propriety environment.  Stand alone implementations are available.

Smart Talk Beacon is a next generation device driven IoT error, support and management solution!

Reason for Failure

Why do IoT devices fail to work?

  • Human Error
  • Power Failures or Surges
  • Connection Failure
  • Sensor Errors
  • Storage Failures
  • Storage Write Issues
  • Temperature Changes
  • Network Failures
  • Connectivity Failures
  • Hardware Issues
  • Image Processing
  • more……..

What devices?

Smart Talk Beacon can support:

  • Micro CPU’s
  • Linux devices
  • Wireless
  • HSPA
  • IP Cameras
  • IP Sensors
  • Anything that runs a Linux kernel

How Smart Talk Beacon Works

What is Smart Talk Beacon and Why Do I Need It?

How do I use
Smart Talk Beacon?

Smart Talk Beacon is cloud based software. You can either sign up with Smart Talk Beacon direct or sign up with one of our many partners.

If your security company is not partnered with us, please let them know or if you are a security supplier and would like to offer Smart Talk Beacon to your client, please contact us.

Introducing Smart Beacon

Smart Talk Beacon reduces monitoring and support complexity by merging multiple systems into one:

    1. Monitoring
    2. Ticketing
    3. Dispatching

In the past, people reported a problem with a device such as a camera.  The report was reviewed and a support person assigned.  If there was a problem an integrator or field support staff were dispatched.  Once the problem was fixed, it was reported as repaired with limited documentation related to the repair.


  1. Using a device driven model to:
    1. Secure communications
    2. Gather detailed error information
    3. Gather operational key data elements
  2. Use AI to analyse of the information to solve the problem
  3. Present data in a relevant format
  4. Create a error management work flow
  5. Gather support information and deliver solutions to problems
  6. Track the work ticket to resolution and document solution.
In the end the Smart Talk Beacon reduces liability by documenting device operation, managing solution implementation, optimizing operations and creating accountability on all levels.
This version includes:
  • A device tree with device types, manufacturer and models (specific data elements by device type and model) to better document report operations
  • A learning engine with specific device solutions and ranking to improve problem resolution and leverage corporate knowledge
  • A sophisticated messaging and ticket escalation process for tech and field support to resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • Notification/Ticket document upload for enhanced site issue resolution and improve history management for enhanced accountability
  • Enhance auditing and reporting for better management processes
  • Immediate and daily notification email summaries for quick reference
  • Enhanced mapping for ease of use
  • Improved graphing for ease of use

When Smart Talk Beacon has captured or identified any of these issue, the software will log/record the issue. Once this instance has been recorded, it will also send out an email notification to the people identified in the device set up.

That user will then be promoted to log in to the Smart Talk Beacon software to address the issues. The user will then have options to snooze the issue, flag the issue or ignore the issue. If the issue is ignored too often or too long, it will then send an email to the owner of the business or manager.

No More Excuses.

Let Smart Talk Beacon be that employee that works tirelessly for you and will stay on top of all your devices and ensure they are working or notify those who are in charge.


What is peace of mind worth?

Smart Talk Beacon Pricing

Pricing is dependent on the number of devices added. SmartTalk Beacon can be your supplier of the software or our list of partners throughout North America is forever growing.

We allow our partners to sell our service. They may sell the service at a higher rate than we do as they may also be offering other services that encompass SmartTalk Beacon.

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